UPDATE // #Writerslife // Feathers Black // + SNIPPETS?!?!?

SO some of you have been asking for updates on my writing?!? AND OMG THANK YOU I AM FLATTERED THAT YOU CARE :,)

I currently have SEVERAL works in progress. I keep coming up with new book ideas when I still have 2983407 plot holes in all my others.

It’s okay though.

I have it all under control*


*she says as dragons devour her whole and her characters mob her for killing them off
**YES questions you may not have asked BUT I’M GOING TO ANSWER THEM ANYWAYS

What is Feathers Black Even About???

SO as you may (or may not) know, Feathers Black is a dark, gender reversed retelling of Sleeping Beauty!

The gist: The evil sorceress threatens to kill the King’s son (duh), so the King has him sent away to live in seclusion with no idea what’s going on.

What people don’t know is that the sorceress has an actual legit reason for hating the King?!?! gasp

Prince Aaron grows up in the middle of the forest and doesn’t know anyone, and then one day he meets a small girl (who is actually older than him) on accident. She obviously tries to kill him, because #suspicious. This is when he learns that apparently it’s illegal to live there, and she’s convinced someone is paying him to follow her

Eventually she figures out he’s not lying and that he is actually just incredibly ignorant. AND THEN they go on great adventures together, OBVIOUSLY. In case you hadn’t figured it out by now: Prince Aaron is Princess Aurora, and Phillia is Prince Phillip, except she’s an orphan, and not a Princess…

How Many Books Have You Written?

WELL it depends on your definition of the word, written. I have several almost first drafts, and even more half-outlines. And EVEN more ideas that have not been outlined yet. As of now, I have one finished book, one first draft, and one almost-second draft!

I’m almost done with editing the first draft of Feathers Black! And then I hope to maybe get some beta readers but also maybe not. WE SHALL SEE.

Do You Participate in NaNoWriMo?!?

Why thank you for asking!

For the past two years I’ve participated in NaNo and WON. cue confetti

If you don’t know what NaNo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month! It’s a place for writers to set themselves a goal (usually 50k words) for the month of November!

I’m planning on participating again this year, BUT I CAN’T DECIDE WHICH BOOK TO WRITE, so I’m asking YOU


DISCLAIMER: It’s mildly terrifying that you want snippets XD but without further ado…

Too much flirting

“I’m Aaron,” he said. His voice squeaked on the ‘A’ as it had often done in his adolescence. Why? he despaired, feeling his cheeks grow hotter.
“Ooh, Aaron. What a pretty name!”
And – if it was possible – he blushed deeper. He was fairly sure he had never heard the word pretty in any relation to himself in his entire life. “Pleased to meet you.”
“Likewise,” Onyx replied, giving a sultry wink.
“Onyx,” Phillia said sternly. It seemed they had been through this sort situation before.
“Sorry,” she said, though she didn’t sound much like she was.


Ren threw a stony glance back at them. At the look on Onyx’s face, his eyes narrowed, and he looked at Aaron. Aaron quickly looked away, heart pounding. A few breathless moments passed in which Aaron was sure that Ren would come back there and pound him to a pulp. Then the burly man turned away with a grunt and continued walking. Aaron’s shoulders slumped and he let out a relieved breath.
“So you and Ren?” he asked, dreading the answer.
Onyx beamed. “He’s the sweetest, isn’t he?”
“Um,” Aaron said, not sure what to say. “I guess.”

When food is all that matters

She watched his eyes light up as he tasted the same wonderful symphony that she did. She couldn’t stifle the little twitch at the corner of her mouth. His eyes seemed to be getting bigger by the second. She was sure that if she introduced him to anymore new things, they would pop. She had to admit though, it would be funny to see.
“What is this thing called?” he asked around the roll, which was only halfway chewed in his mouth. He swallowed a chunk. “It is divine. A godsend. Magnificent!”
“It’s a steamed dumpling,” she explained around her mouthful. “It was first brought over by the Meisins a hundred years ago.”
“Well, I hope someone thanked those Easterners.”

OKAY THAT’S ALL my heart can’t take anymore has heart attack

I promise there is also lot’s of blood and revenge but I thought I’d save those bits for myself for a little while hehe

Don’t You Have Pretty Aesthetic Boards You Like to Throw At Us?


Here is my Pinterest board for Feathers Black:

Aaaand since I don’t like to discriminate, I won’t post the board for Red as the Storm because I don’t have one for the unnamed WIP yet and it gets jealous esily.

ANY THOUGHTS? ANY?? * dies of the nerves * What did you think of the snippets? Have you got a favorite? What are some parts of your writing process?!? Do you write?? What are you writing write (pun intended) now?


20 thoughts on “UPDATE // #Writerslife // Feathers Black // + SNIPPETS?!?!?

  1. Those are some great little snippets! They make me intrigued for the rest of it, and I really like the synopsis of the book. I’m also intrigued where the “dark” elements come in, since the “gender reversed” is pretty clear what it means. Onyx is cool. 🙂

    I’m in the middle of writing/rewriting a story that I’ve been messing around with for a long time. It’s a fantasy world where my MC is a human orphan who goes looking for her parents, and instead finds herself caught up as a major player in a civil war between fairies and witches.

    And good luck on NaNo prep! I love NaNo, but have no idea how I’m going to set down my WIP and abandon it for another novel for November.

    1. Ermegerd thank you!! Hah the whole book is supposed to be dark, as in not light and fluffy and with lots of stabbiness hehe. Onyx might actually be my favorite character (don’t tell the others), so I’m glad you like her!

      Ahh that sounds so epic?!?! Good luck with that!!

      Thank you, haha I need all the luck I can get honestly!!
      Ahh you don’t have to start a new project to participate in NaNo! I know tons of writers who use NaNo to make good progress on their current WIP!
      OH. I wanted to let you know that I went to try to comment on your blog a little while ago and there was nowhere to comment D:

  2. ESTHER, YOU’RE AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your writing snippets! That was brave and they were beautiful. I like Onyx. She seems great! That “Sweet” scene was funny and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    As for writing, we both know I write. Haha. I’m currently trying to change up my writing process to see if I can improve it. Before I used to do minimal outlining and just go for it. Which works. But I want to see if a little bit more planning will allow me to do better discovery writing. So now I’m working on a new outline for my Alice in Wonderland retelling ☺️
    Lindsey @ Word Me Write recently posted…August Wrap-Up and Haul: The Month of Good IntentionsMy Profile

      Haha I get the feeling that Onyx is popular XD she’s one of my favorite characters TBH so that makes me fuzzy inside!

      I used to do no outlining TBH and I just got lost all the time hehe so I feel you with changing your writing process. Mine has changed a lot just over the last 7 months!


    “Why yes, Esther, I would LOVE to beta read for you!”

    Followed by a very Smeagol-esque “Don’t be silly she probably has a million people offering.”


    In all seriousness tho, Aaron made me chuckle. I appreciate his enthusiasm about the relationship. 🤣

    1. HAHA welllllll…I may or may not be holding a search for beta readers in the near (or distant) future! It is to be decided haha. But basically I’ll have everyone who is interested fill out a questionnaire and I’ll pick the best fits! I’m so glad you are interested though!! I’ll announce it in a post when I get to that point 😀

      Aaron is my precious little cucumber haha

  4. I love everything about this post Esther. You story sounds amazing – the blurb, the snippets, the aesthetics board, everything. I am a massive fan of fairytale retellings and Feathers Black would 100% be a book I picked up if I saw it at Waterstones or on Amazon. 😀 I love dark fairytales and I rarely see Sleeping Beauty ones actually.
    Also it’s great you’re taking part in NaNo this year, I am as well and it’s going to be the first time I’ve seriously written anything in years (blogging has really inspired me to start writing again). I voted for a story but either way they both sound very intriguing. 🙂 <3

    1. Awe thank you Beth! It means a lot to hear people say they like the story D: and yay for pinterest WIP boards!!
      NaNo is fun, but it is definitely a challenge for me! I don’t write all that fast haha my brain isn’t fast enough so 50k is a lot! But I hope you do join NaNo it’s such a great experience! YAY thank you for voting!

      1. That’s all right, one thing I love about blogging is hearing about people WIPs. Honestly it’s largely what inspired me to start writing again! 🙂
        I've taken part in NaNo before, what gets me is my constant need to edit. I can write really quickly but it's automatic for me to re-write every word and constantly check for spelling errors. I think that's a habit I need to get out of for this November at least. 😀

  5. OH THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING POST. I am LOVING your WIP so, so much, I so want to read it. Best of luck for the writing, Your snippets are FABULOUS already <3 <3
    For your little NaNoWriMo question, I voted for the retelling thingy because it sounds so, SO cool. Though I wouldn't be against dragons and that fox sidekick either. HOW do you get these fabulous ideas, Esther? You're too awesome. <3 <3
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Important #WIP news and writer’s confusion syndromMy Profile

      I'm so glad you like it!!
      AHH I have to say I really couldn't choose because I love both ideas but yes fairytales do draw me and I actually did a fairytale retelling for last year's NaNo HAHA I'm out of control!
      You are too kind! Thank you D: D: <3

    1. AWE THANKS CAIT. I rather like my aesthetics as well if I may say so myself XD
      YOU CAN’T VOTE FOR BOTH BOOKS hahaha I love both ideas too but. Like. I don’t write that fast and plus my outlines aren’t even close to being finished :,)
      Ahh I love how my retelling is turning out so much!! I hope other people like it if it ever makes it out into the world ha

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